Every month, thousands of people across the UK visit HuntdownFitness.co.uk looking to find a gym. Filtering by prices, facilities and classes, users compare the different gyms in their area before going on to join the one they have chosen. Don't miss out on potential new members for your gym and create a profile on Huntdown Fitness today. 

With the number of gyms in the UK at an all-time high, and more continuing to open every month, it is increasingly difficult to reach people who are looking to get fit so you can acquire new members. Gym managers across the country put a lot of effort into marketing their services, only for much of it to reach people who are not looking to join a gym or are already at one and not looking to change. 

At Huntdown Fitness, all our visitors use us for is finding gyms and finding personal trainers. By creating a profile with us, you can show your gym to people in your area who are actively in the process of deciding which gym to join - helping you reach the right people, at the right time and sell more gym memberships.

Use your profile to display everything you have to offer, including:

- Pictures of your facilities

- List of all the facilities you have and types of classes you offer

- Display your class timetable so people can see which classes they could attend

- Collect reviews from your current customers to help you win new ones

- Display your membership prices

- Make your memberships available to be purchased if someone wants to join

- Use offers to drive people to sign up on-site


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By showing everything you have to offer our users can get a great insight into why they should join your gym, and if you would like to make it easy for them to sign up there and then, the memberships can be made available to be purchased directly through our platform.

Alternatively, you can use special offers, voucher codes and incentives to drive people to sign up on-site.

If you would like to discuss the different options available for your gym, please contact us on the details below and one of the team will be happy to help.

Any gym can have a profile for FREE so please contact us today. Once set up your gym will display to the people in your area and you can start selling more gym memberships. 

e/ info@huntdownfitness.co.uk

t/  07500 586 710