As a gym comparison website, we know that gyms and fitness centres are becoming more and more diverse.

With such a broad variety of gyms now available, it is only natural that a similarly wide variety of different memberships are too. Some gyms offer several different types of memberships that allow users to pick and choose their membership specifications.

But what should you be considering about your gym membership before you agree to sign a contract?

What Does the Contract Specify?

Now we know that reading your entire contract may not be the most entertaining of tasks, in fact it can actually be quite tedious, but reading and knowing exactly what your contract specifies can protect you further down the line.

Knowing what sort of term your contract is fixed to, whether it is a rolling contract or if you will be fined for leaving early, being aware of these details will help you get the contract right for you.

It will also stop you from falling in breach of your contract. 


The cost of a gym is an obvious determining factor as to whether a gym is suitable for your needs. You need to consider your own budget and whether you can afford to regularly pay the fee.

Remember, just because you can pay for a more expensive gym membership this month, does not mean in months where you have less money (i.e. December) you will be able to. 

Some gyms offer a variety of differently priced gym memberships, so be sure to looks at all the available memberships at any gym before you consider joining. 

Joining Fees

Again another financial factor to any potential membership that you need to consider is the joining fee. Many gyms have an initial joining fee to pay before you can become an official member. 

The prices vary greatly, with some gyms choosing not to include a joining fee and others asking for anywhere up to 10, 20, 50 or more pounds. 

This price is usually to cover various administration fees, but it can also include other sign on benefits such as inductions, PT sessions/consultations and even free merchandise such as towels, padlocks, t-shirts etc. Joining fees can vary in amount, with some being particularly large, so you need to be sure to factor in all potential sign-on benefits when making your selection.

How Many Clubs Can You Access?

Many clubs that have multiple sites offer a multi-club feature to members that allows you to attend more than one site. 

This is a useful feature to have if you travel for work, or work far away from your home, as you will be able to make use of more than one gym.

Also, different gyms offer different facilities and this way you will be able to benefit from access to a variety of facilities across clubs.

Is the Contract On or Off Peak?

Having an on- or off-peak contract can drastically affect the times when you can access the gym.

Depending on your working hours in the day, you may be more likely to attend at either a peak or off-peak time. If off-peak suits your better, consider opting for an off-peak membership as you may well save yourself some money.

Finding a Gym Contract to Suit You 

Finding a gym contract to suit your needs is easier said than done. It is important that you do your research beforehand and do not just jump on the first promotion you see. 

Using gym comparison website, the whole process can be simplified by refining results through filters for cost, membership type and contract details. 

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