What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of a No Contract Gym?

No Contract Gyms in London and rolling monthly contract memberships are being deemed by some as the future of fitness. 

They give the member the opportunity to effectively ‘pay as you go’ rather than having to commit to a fixed term contract.

In the past, contracts were favoured by gyms as they tried to lock customers in for months on end. However, in recent years, gyms have realised that gym goers want to be in control of their own memberships and so noncontract gyms have become commonplace. 

In this blog, we are going to outline the benefits and drawbacks of a noncontract membership to bring you guys up to speed. 

You Do Not Have to Make a Long Term Commitment 

Possibly the most obvious benefit to no contract gyms in London is the fact that when signing up to use the gym, you do not need to make a long term commitment. 

If you are regularly moving about for work, your finances fluctuate or you are simply indecisive, then this is a huge benefit. 

You Can Try Out a Gym for a Short Period of Time 

Upon visiting a gym, if you are not completely sold on it being for you, being able to open a membership that you can cancel at any time will allow you to try the facilities and get a feel for the type of place it is. 

To put it simply, a one session trial may not be long enough for you to deem whether a gym is the right choice for you. 

Trying the gym for a month however allows you to see the gym at different times, different capacities and to try out all of the available facilities. 

Freeze Your Membership if You Need to 

Many no contract gyms allow you to freeze your gym membership for a period of time. This means that you stop paying and cannot use the gym until you reactivate your membership.

This is a great option for those that have busy schedules, are not always in the area or cannot always train for some reason. 

And in the case of illness, you can freeze your membership until you are better again. 

The ability to freeze your membership is without doubt becoming more and more common with gyms across the UK.

You May Miss Out on Reduced Membership Rates 

The one drawback that we can think of when it comes to no contract gyms is the rates that you may miss out on. 

Often contracts will result in members paying less for their membership, for example:

You may be required to pay £15 each month on a noncontract membership for the same facilities that you would be paying £10 a month for on a 12-month contract. 

This means that you would effectively be saving £60 per year.  

Find Non contract Gyms in London Today 

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