The team behind Huntdown® Fitness have been gym-goers and fitness fanatics for many years but noticed the needs of training consistently evolving. 

It can be difficult to find one gym that caters to every ones wants and needs, whether it be body building, running, boxing, swimming, squash, a sauna or a steam room. In the past you would need to trawl through multiple websites and pages worth of information to find a gym that suits you, which is why we decided to create a platform where everything could be compared on one, easy to navigate website. 

Huntdown Fitness is a free website for people to find a gym, personal trainer or fitness centre that suits their criteria. We’ve made it easy for you to filter what you’re looking for based on location and read reviews from other gym-goers. 
We want our website to allow you to say what it is important to your training needs and give you a variety of options based on your location and preferred facilities. 

Whether you’re wanting to join a gym for the first time, go for a swim, or find a fitness centre for ladies-only, Huntdown Fitness can help you.